Mental stability

My word today

Mental stability is achieved by strength training

I don’t used to use gym to train basically.
The reason I don’t strengthen my strength is
because I don’t feel the benefits.
I would imagine it so. Mental stability is.
If I don’t get things right or are worried,
just stop working and try to sleep.
Certainly I am convinced that sleep is the best mental treatment.

Exercise therapy

It is very important to maintain the mental unification by suppressing
the onset of illness with daily exercise therapy and a healthy diet.
You know I try to work in the morning at the moment I feel full.

t is said that the time when the human brain is most activated is in the morning

I am convinced that it is said that it is human profit to get up early.
If I spend all day in the house, I may feel sick or crazy. For me rainy all the time is very worst situation.

Office working while standing

There are plenty work style on IT business I heard that.
heard that there are a lot of IT engineers starting work after strength training.
It is sign of mental stability for creative worker also.

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