I worked as a messenger for only a week.
In conclusion, messenger work was the worst job for me.
Anyway, I received support from the walkie-talkie, but there was a dispute in communication between me and the manager.
After all, I was fired on the last day of the one week training period.
The hourly wage is $ 10 and you can bring or rent a road bike.
Employment is a consignment business and you bring your own charge.
It is the worst form of employment that only has workers’ compensation insurance.
Although there are many Japanese messenger industries, I feel almost black company.
Although it was a job to run in an office district in Tokyo, it was a hard job because of the undulating traffic conditions.
I misunderstood that working with a bicycle to combat global warming was a very attractive job.
In fact, the messenger company has a bicycle section and a motorcycle section, and uses motorcycles when ordering long-distance deliveries.

Jobs similar to messengers

: Uber Eats
: Motorcycle mail delivery
: Delivery of pizza and sushi

I’ve worked on various subcontractors so far, but I have learned bad experiences from life.
During my job hunting after moving in March 2019, I tried a part-time job as a messenger, but I was convinced that the job to be hired immediately was not a good job.
For people who like road bikes and who are familiar with Tokyo’s geography, messenger work is a good job, but I don’t think it can be done after 50 years old.
Even with modern technology, I am disappointed with the current situation in Japan where there is a demand for delivery of letters and documents.
There are a lot of Japanese people who are not good at new technology by sticking to the style of the 20th century in the era when they can communicate by e-mail or video phone.
I think we can deliver to artificial intelligence robots with the development of technology, but there is no choice but to accept the current situation where humans ride bicycles and enter buildings directly to customers.

Recently, I feel that more and more people are riding road bikes in Japan.
The use of a car is not cheap because 1 liter of gasoline is $ 1.55.
Japan’s economy is not good due to the fact that Japan’s consumption tax has declined due to a 10% tax increase.
Transportation is important for people who want to save, and when using it for road bikes in Tokyo, it is necessary to purchase bicycle insurance.
Bicycle insurance has become mandatory since October 2019 in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, Japan.
I used to live in Kawasaki City and commute to work every morning by the office in Tokyo.
Bicycle insurance is cheaper than car insurance, and you can purchase a portable inflator for about $ 30.
In the United States, there are people who work for Uber taxis, but in Japan, Uber’s bicycle and bike food delivery work is widespread.
Because Japan is not a large continent like the United States, bicycles and motorcycles are more convenient than cars.
Messenger’s work weekly wage was about $ 550.
Basically, Messenger’s work is from Monday to Friday on weekdays, but there are no holidays or year-end holidays.
Because it is basically a 24/7 job, I felt it would be difficult to work for a long term unless a road bike was a hobby.
I recognize that road bikes are just a convenient means of transportation, so it’s not a hobby, so I couldn’t make metal.
I think it would be happy if I could pass on my favorite hobby to work.

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