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Messy information disclosure

We feel that ordinary everyday life is a form of human’s natural happiness and part of the embodied heavenly landscape

In my current philosophy, I firmly grasp that financial success is not directly linked to happiness. So I have low ratings and no interest in all the mass media and advertising in everyday life.

I am impressed with the figure of happiness life that the Nordic countries advocate, and I clearly recognize that the welfare state is the state of happiness.

I think that the concept of freedom of capitalist state and the spirit of helping each other have made a big gap of social gap.

The boring situation in a living environment surrounded by peaceful nature is a happy time and I can not be interested in playing the attraction. There is no sense of happiness at all in busy cities and parties of developed economies, but only with a temporary uplifting feeling

It is the time of the best happiness to watch the natural scenery while listening to the melody of the piano at a time on Sunday morning after cleaning and doing housework.

When I see the public flow of the poker face in a crowd I feel something like giving up.

Various events are happening every day all over the world, and on the earth is always a feast and I live with half unpleasant feelings. I understand the circumstances that if you simply suppress the desire and live, you will harm yourself and harm your life.

Only the reality does not allow our human love We can not but live only with feeling of suffering while always conflicting and compromising.

I just want to miss the fire on the other side while watching the global news of developed countries.

I feel that I may be punished if I’m not satisfied with my status. I think that we have to collect a lot of information using the Internet because there are civil wars, political revolts, environmental issues and current affairs anywhere in the world.

We feel that we should have a moderate socialist spirit and a sense of Communist justice in order to live in the original human form.

It should be acknowledged that there is an absolute negative part to the liberalism in which each one talks about individualism, egoism and free remarks.

Is there no egoism in the claims of the French who live with the spirit of freedom, equality and love? It should be acknowledged that there is an absolute negative part to the liberalism in which each one talks about individualism, egoism and free remarks.

Is there no egoism in the claims of the French who live with the spirit of freedom, equality and love?

It is a fact that I feel creepy when I imagine the state of life being proliferated, and I myself who reminds me of the hive.

Maybe I feel uncomfortable every day in an individualistic and survival competitive society. The theory may not be enough for what I think, and there may be a gap in the captivating power of the capitalist.

I feel sadness when I think that I am dying without seeing the state of the substantial problem solving for the natural environment of the moving human being.

Most people live in the boring life scenario where they can not stand loneliness and seek for someone to love and have new problems.

I think we should do something for nothing and serve, and a sense of superiority will only hamper the process of human growth. You can believe that there is always someone who understands your heart, but God is the only person I can rely on.

The ill effects of internet videos cause people to have unrealistic dreams and hopes and we must be careful to use the internet.

Personal real experiences rather than visible reality are still conviction information and it becomes solid knowledge.

I want to concentrate on the true human activity of the unprofitable charity, and I am convinced that the Bible teaching that money desire is the root of evil is correct. It is dangerous to worship idols and the time for idol worshiping is simply ineffective and nothing can be gained.

Sometimes we feel we should shut down from the back and forth information and think for ourselves and never mind.

I’m trying to draw a line from the boring news with a certain amount of information on Euronews, and I’m thinking seriously about something.

I do not particularly advise people who want to gain wealth and fame and have a sense of well-being and a sense of well-being. Controversy is taking place in more than 190 countries around the world, and everyone is desperately facing issues in their own environment.

I think that life that only good things last is not life, and everyone just wants to break out quickly. In the lives of people of all ages, men and women all over the world, we think that if we quickly realize the hints of happiness in our lives, we will soon be happy.

Feeling the difference of the political situation outside the country I am dedicated to organizing the information by myself, firmly grasping the actual situation and pursuing the true meaning.

The dark blue sky and cool clouds of white clouds are playing to make me a better person and fleeing from the source of evil.

We just look up to the sky, feeling the kindness and frustration that we are suffering and hurting each other suffering from different life values. Lack of love makes us guilty of becoming madness and being in a position of social sanctions.

In the unchanging situation of the surroundings and the world of imaginary images that are changing dramatically, I am keenly aware that God is always trying out the true attitude.

One day I compared the world to a classroom in one school

I think that the figure of the students who are all friends of the classmates in the classroom and are taking classes happily is the teacher’s best wish.

However, there is always a bad student there, but everyone in the class always leads the class leader to solve the problem. The leader of the class is America and the teacher is God I personally think and think.

Every time I see the city’s massive strikes, I feel that I do not seek the comfort of human beings or patience and seek the comfort of God. The attitude of enjoying youth’s unrealistic dreams is just a typical dreamer and we always try to escape reality and escape from suffering and sadness.

I feel like I have always wanted a society where I can communicate in a kind and always respect each other. In the presence of vast nature, we humans have no choice but to give up to the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

I compare human life with flame and I think that I will make short-lived by increasing the power of my flame, I am going to loose a step a little.

After all, I think it’s the happiest thing to spend some fun time with a few groups at a festival event taking place in the local community.

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