How to keep shaping body up until older?
Keep exercising?
Keep stifling desire of eating?
Keep taking patient?
Keep disappointing in your mind

You don’t need to do that

You just only focus on drinking water everyday!!!! It has spent 4days after quit job and now I’m planning upcoming schedule. Need to think over of tax management, job career, moving to georgia or canada. Recently my habits of watching news is indeed.

Water and water

  • Juices
  • Chips

I’m always drinking water dead for keep shaping body. It’s hard for me but I don’t wanna lose independent and strict mind.

Job change, environment change, community change, changing is natural thing for me

Non oil meal

  • sushi
  • salad
  • corn soup

Please Don’t forget to drink water everyday!!!!
Brad’s body of fight club
Miranda kerr

whose body do you want?

God bless you

yasunari kayama

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