Midsummer’s creative activities

Midsummer’s creative activities

It’s good to be cool in the middle of the night.
However, the sultry days, even at night, are extremely terrible for creators.
And even in the early morning, if the heat and humidity continue, you cannot concentrate on your creative activities all day long.
We have to wait for autumn with considerable stress.
However, there is no choice but to secure a place of creation so as not to waste time.
Considering global environmental problems, it is nonsense to use air conditioning.
I take a shower with cold water several times a day to prevent the heat.
And I used to admire the cold regions of Scandinavian countries, but now I am not dissatisfied with the hot and humid regions.
Because it’s perfect for skin and sweating.
You can reduce appetite, so you can save food costs.

Attitude to sacrifice real life

There is no car, lover, family, friend, or human being who is abandoned to social stability and immersed in something.
How many people are in the realm of genius?
I can’t just enjoy it in the community.
It’s just a waste of time for me.
I think we should consider working for more than 20 years alone.
And I try not to be idle in a cool environment from a sultry warehouse.
You may be self-satisfied with the poor environment of real life and the appearance of your own creator.
The only time I’m rewarded is when I can leave a good work.

Loss of appetite due to heat

A hot and humid climate is the best condition for good health.
Heat contributes to appetite loss and sweating.
It’s time to reduce food costs.
In Europe these days, the cool summer is disappearing.
There is no longer an environment where people can spend all year comfortably on earth.
However, it may interfere with the creative activities at home.
We have to continue our creative activities in search of summer resorts.
Training is limited to running.
The problem is about the hours of training.
I am thinking about training before or after work.
Since I basically get up in the daytime and go to bed at night, I start training in the afternoon.
However, since the weather is hot and humid from the morning, I may train from the morning.

Warm space rather than hot

I feel like I’m trapped in the heating.
Even if you cool your body with cold water, your body temperature will rise immediately.
I want to sleep on cold concrete, but the hard ground hinders a good night’s sleep.
In other words, I have to work the next day without getting enough sleep.
I want to take a nap at a shopping mall, but I can’t do it.
But this is a bad story until mid-September.

Strengthening antibody immunity

A sturdy body will reduce the burden of medical expenses.
Not getting enough nutrients, proper exercise and convenient tools will lighten the burden of future retirement.
Anyway, enduring a harsh environment leads to strengthening antibody immunity.
The problems are lack of sleep and stress.
After all, hot and humid nights cause lack of sleep.
However, instead of using an air conditioner or fan, he lays a tatami mat outside the front door and sleeps.
Certainly it is very difficult to get a good night’s sleep on hard concrete.
However, it is effective in preventing low back pain.

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