Migration abroad

United Nations Immigration Agreement

The number of immigrants last year was 258 million.

Major denied countries of immigration agreement

. United States

. Australia

. Austria

. Israel

. Poland

. Bulgaria

. Estonia

. Hungary

. Czech

The number of countries of the UN immigration agreement excluding the United States is 192 countries.

Following the United States, European countries and Australia are beginning to be in line with the policy of regulating immigration in America. I think that it is no doubt that foreign European countries will show refusal to the UN immigration agreement from now on and I think that strengthening of regulations for immigrants is absolute.Europe and North America are immigrant countries for people coming to move to seek a better rich life and it will be a really troubling story. However, this is nothing to strengthen regulations and not to accept immigrants at all. Do not make a mistake in interpretation because it accepts legitimate immigrants, but requires many conditions. I agree that opinion as a private individual’s opinion obviously strengthens regulations on European immigrants. Walking around the capitals of European countries there are always colored race other than white people coexisting. I think most of the migrants from Africa and the Middle East are increasing with the momentum to reduce the percentage of whites and that the governments of European countries are starting to intensify these facts. Among the immigrants living in Europe can be said that Europe is a multi-racial nation that is not a Caucasian country because generations such as the 2 nd and 3 rd generations inherit their blood. Specific places such as Iceland and Northern European islands with high taxes and a difficult climate are exceptions. Based on these facts, Asian countries of other developed economies must positively accept immigrants, otherwise the balance of the world will not be kept. There is no guarantee that you can become happy by immigrating to Europe and North America and there is not any place as the ultimate answer but the end is up to your own ability at the end. I am optimistic about accepting relatively immigrants as people who live in a single racial nation are interested in coexisting with other races and opportunities to absorb various cultures. It is a good thing to raise the competence in coexistence and prosperity and always absorbing new things is not a loss. Now that the walls of the border between the United States and Mexico are developing more and more and the strengthening of immigration regulations is being steadily carried out, the way the caravan is left is whether it will return home or only other foreign countries accept them. I think that we need to focus on future policies of European countries and the United States while cooperating with refugee support through NPO.

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