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Which one is the best country, Mexico or turkey for yourself?

Day and night, I’m tend to think of immigration for my future, plus will forgo disputing because I am decided to do. I like doing things spontaneously, without a plan, but in this case, I gonna have to negotiate with foreigner with rent a house, contracting with health insurance or so. In the meantime, I am planning to go abroad Mexico or turkey.

Mexican or Turkish, which one is best nation character for myself?

Surely I often envied those people who lives in foreign country and it isn’t a trifle.

But I thought I have an opportunity to become Mexican or Turkish citizen.

There are so many discards in front of me and actually can’t afford to talk initiate in their language.

From my whole experiences and memories, some Mexican and Turkish friends I met are good impression to me and then I liked it.

Can’t compare Mexican to Turkish basically but I have conviction that such a two nation is willing to give me a fortune in next several years future.

At the turn of a millennium 

  • Not maintaining a bias against current fashionable, cultures, time records.
  • I am wring in unbearable humidity room. I invariably am accomplish to update the web page.
  • To make an elaborate plan 
  • This is where I dissent from the general opinion that about camouflage and mimicry with expression.
  • Sometimes I give undue weight to originality and misunderstanding a point irrelevant to the argument.
  • My final destination is arctic regions!!
  • Such as a path to success isn’t short course for me, namely reckless hashing on my lifetime.
  • 劇的に私は自分の無知を表示し、嘘をついて自分自身を劣化させたくないため、早急に今後の問題を浮き彫りにしています。

Living island or continent 

  • Controversy it must be narrow island where I live.
  • Therefore as natural consistency is that continent nations are kind of my admiration of living place.
  • To be honest with it that all people who living on continent are used to live large household and there is in front of huge yard which many kids can be running around.
  • Anyway I would love to move to such a largest continent’s nation which united state or argentine or Russia or brazil.

My request to people who living continent’s nation

  • Guess what to charge household for a while between someone and me.
  • If there is someone’s wanting to do that for getting an experience what to live in island, I can help you to charge household as temporary.
  • if you interested about it little bit, you can feel free to ask me anything.

Study abroad

  • Youth men seem to scrutinize what they all students are suppose to do after graduated university.
  • Form perspective of objection that it seems likely going to payback to rented tuition and it will be spending a long time for them. Once I was supposed to study abroad to Canadian community college which are conestoga or Yukon to getting post graduated permanent visa after graduated. Roughly speaking, my purpose was certainly not simply like studying some subjects in foreign country and making a lot of foreign friends while stay with college’s company.
  • Immigrate to Canada from my country is firstly my aim for myself and basically I really would be departure form stable situation immediately. You know what to study abroad to any country is absolute necessary to have scarlet ship or recommended paper form government because you have to take a permanent student visa. I have struggled solving these problems before left my country.
  • I don’t wanna grumble about this but can’t be calm and modest then. 
  • I couldn’t achieve the goal.

To the people who couldn’t go to university

  • I just wanna advice the people who’s like me and now very struggling to change current statement and attempt charging something renewable self.
  • You don’t have to mimic a general appearance. And you can go to scrutinize legend person’s autograph anytime and be able to used to use library.
  • We all people don’t have to an obligation to company and become an employee. The affairs in past was finally over and should to concern about customs.
  • In my case, I was quit jobs so many times and that’s normal thing for me. I never hesitate quit job and change career and prefer such a time to feel freedom to be accommodated by society for saving and caring something important things. I can’t recommend anyone to change my way and not be able to take responsibility for them.
  • What I can give them tips about comfortable living or a better life is compromising desires courtesies.
  • I have no huge funds and especial skills for getting a good job in big city, nobody cares me.
  • Only the way to get it though is that just refraining from outgoing and not yearn for making a lot of money, taking a long vacation, cherishing friendships. Maybe I have the capability to do it.
  • Nobody cares us 
  • Therefore we don’t care them for each other
  • We always hiding natural side somehow
  • 私は幸せに暑い日にアイスクリームを食べる

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