Mike is a very conscientious person.
But his past family environment was never blessed.
Still, he wasn’t an introvert, trying to see things positively.
I think he is a very fit person, and I understand that he was in the hospitality business.
Mike communicates on average with all members in the organization.
It’s a very mood-maker symbol.
Mike followed his Turkish customs when he moved from his native Turkey to the United States.

Unique wave gun

At the opening, you can see a picture of Mike holding a camel head weapon.
Mike is a very physically talented African-Turkish person.
Mike tends to be the key player in developing the story in the future.
It is difficult to handle characters that have unequal relationships.
Anyway, I am deeply pursuing the human character of an anime character.
Therefore, I don’t want to easily portray unrealistic human images.
However, he does not depict guns and weapons.
It may not be possible to solve it by talking because of conflict of human relations.
After all, I was thinking about how to control others only by the body.
So I had no choice but to include unrealistic elements in the animation world.
The idea is a wave gun.
This is a martial art similar to the eastern Tai Chi martial arts.

Islamic teachings

I don’t know about Islam.
But I don’t think you should easily visit a mosque to get to know Islam.
Because I am a Christian.
And it’s true that Mike grew up in Turkish culture.
He will eventually switch from Islam to Christianity, but I think his fundamental attitude is Islamic.
In fact, the organization’s policy is Protestant, and they value freedom and philanthropy.
Mike is actually learning the teachings of two religions, Islam and Christianity.
Mike is relatively close to Catholicism.
Americans are upset by the attitude of Mike, who is protecting the prohibition of alcohol and pork.

Mike, the intermediary for upcoming organizations

Mike’s number one talking partner is the same outgoing Gonzales.
And I think the driving force behind the progress of the group is the entry of Mike’s discussion.
However, he has a wife who lives apart from his only son.
After all he wants a family reunion, but he gives priority to religion.
And he is also careful about the successor to his father’s kebab shop.
The possibility of withdrawal due to Mike’s physical burden is not zero.
Perfect humans have the feeling of expressing facts that are not in the world through animation.

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