Mind reset

Mind reset

Even if you get a state of joy, you must have a sense of crisis.
I wrote a blog post for the first time in a while.
And I changed my habits and tried to improve myself by looking down on my own past.
So I felt uncomfortable with building relationships and interacting with each other on the Internet.
In other words, I thought about what the original human being should be.
Dramatic events like movies cannot happen in everyday life.
Keyboard character input and video conversation are not natural human interactions.
How long do you reset your mind a day?

Optimize life

Some people work eight hours a day to support their families.
People who love each other lack reason and restraint.
I needed to be lonely to optimize my life.
And I try to observe humans.
That’s because I’m afraid to be the source of someone’s stress.
There is today when I imagine a lonely old age life while controlling my desires.
But I don’t regret anything.
I think you should just keep practicing and try to improve yourself.

Life kills time

You shouldn’t be busy getting honor or awards.
I love time.
So I found it meaningless to do the same work in the same space for 8 hours a day.
You don’t need a monthly salary of $ 2,500.
You don’t have to be afraid to live without insurance or compensation.
I am happy to be purely creative at my own pace.
My own way of expressing and living, which no one understands, is dear to me.
Living with unstable human emotions is very tiring and painful.
So life can be relaxed if you interpret it as killing time.

Moments of happiness

The moment you eat tofu with delicious soy sauce on an empty stomach.

When you get out of the bath in the evening of the afternoon and are healed by the refreshed mind and body.

When you are ready for tomorrow’s work and motivated.

When you have a clarified goal after striving for self-improvement and self-development.

Plain hot water

I drink plain hot water to remove toxins from my body.
This is my latest habitual behavior.
You should stop mass-producing imitations by simple work to get a sense of fulfillment.
I am keenly aware that it is a manifestation of the temperament of a respectable East Asian who has stopped thinking.
You may want to refer to a person relaxing with a cup of warm coffee at a fashionable cafe in Paris.
You will progress from acquiring the technology to switch to a serious moment.

Free service

I have no more desire.
And I understand the meaning of happiness.
People feel that they are still behaving.
Those who neglect the warning from the god of coronavirus are about to return to their original life of desire.
The truth is that you can spend a normal life there.
It seems that he will continue to follow his desires as long as his heart keeps jumping.
I can’t hope anymore, I’m only interested in the afterlife.
WellI can’t hear God’s voice at all in an unpleasant human society.
I learned the meaning of happiness by deliberately practicing useless activities.
But in a saturated diet, people are completely dead.
I have decided to serve a lot free of charge by the time I die.
And I think it is a proof that the amount of desire is almost exhausted.
The city is quiet and humans live by emotions and occasional calculations.
I think it’s best to finally have a Sunday morning in a quiet Saturday night in the countryside.
So I’m restraining myself on Monday morning to wake up my vulnerable body in my house.