Misunderstanding that a child wants

Misunderstanding that you want a your own child

The desire of one’s own child that the people of the world think
Everybody wants or complains that they want their children
But I am looking at the essence
Basic thing is that Misunderstanding that you want a your own child
Having your own child is very expensive and painful
It is nonsense to make a child by the desire of sex pleasures and sex games
The keyword children’s image of everyone is baby
Everyone laments to want a cute baby but doesn’t say they want a son or daughter
I feel that many people give up their duty to take care of their sons and daughters in rebellion
I can understand it because my father is actually a corrupt person

Pleasure of sex and pleasure of sense of accomplishment after work

A common man drowning in a love game with a blind perspective
I may be a lucky person
Because I had plenty of time to think about human nature and philosophy of life
Before I made a mistake I refused to have sex or love
People who are not good at repairing relationships should not get married
People who are not good at human relationships should not have sex
I like being single

Conditions to make a child

Being able to declare with confidence that 1 son and daughter want
Being able to declare that we can try to talk with 2 sons and daughters of rebellion period
3 Having hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets and high paid jobs before giving birth
4 Being able to get kidneys, liver and eyes for going to university with sons and daughters

I have a negative attitude towards offspring prosperity
Even though there is a single tax, I don’t get married because I am not eligible for marriage and I have no mental capacity to take care of a crying child at night

Concerned about the close relationship between global warming and population growth

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