Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi Ice Cream

I have experienced eating and drinking vomiting too much
I was eating salmon with soy sauce
Japan also has a habit of eating salmon during the New Year
It is delicious if you roll sea bream with seaweed and add it to soy sauce

In New Year’s Day I ate too much rice while playing video games at my relatives’ house
Then I vomited

It is delicious to grind rice
Soft texture and sweetness of rice
Mochi ice cream wrapped in ice cream
It seems that there is ice cream called My / Mo in America
I have never eaten it yet


Many Youtubers are sending out ASMR videos using the sound of eating Mochi ice cream

Recently I have not eaten sweets
It is true that Japanese sweets have lower calories than western sweets
Mochi ice cream is a dessert made by collaborating Japanese sweets with strawberry and ice cream pastry.

pounding mochi

There is a traditional Japanese event called “Mochitsuki” to grind the rice
I used to experience rice cake making when I was in elementary school
We can make high quality rice cake with rice cake
If you cook rice at home and you have tools for making rice cakes, you can make rice cakes
If you buy store-sold ice cream, you can make salmon ice at home
I think that you can buy important items from rice cooker and mochi-making tools by mail order

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