Monologue in English

Monologue in English

I have invested hundreds of dollars in various English teaching materials to learn English
As a result, I wasted time and money without producing the results of learning English as much as I invested
Taking lessons from my mistakes, I searched for new language acquisition methods and found them
My unique language acquisition technique is to record a video that says monologue in a foreign language and post it on Youtube as a video
I am currently posting videos on Youtube regularly and all my Youtube videos are related to English
I have never posted a video that speaks a language other than English, and have sent all English monologue video to the world
I can broaden the possibilities by using the universal language of English and can assert that the language of English is an essential skill language for me
Various English classes have been offered throughout Japan, and Japanese people have to pay high tuition to learn English and acquire English that is not supported by independence and independence.
It is important to convert your own claim to English and it is not a skill to speak simple daily conversation in English
I think the important thing in acquiring skills is to learn in a way that matches me
In my case, I am not good at learning skills while having others instruct me and I want to reach everything by myself
I tried trial and error because listening to English radio and answering free text had no effect
And one day I realized that it was important to learn that it was important to input and output
I wanted to learn English for free because I would like to judge my own effort and have others evaluate it
And I saw a video site called Youtube and I knew the great Youtube system
The great system of Youtube is that you can put subtitles on videos
I tried to test my English speaking ability by using the function to display the audio of video in subtitles by artificial intelligence
First of all, in order to make my Youtube channel independent, I made all languages ​​English and no Japanese at all.
I wanted to share more people, and I realized that I could improve my skills and share topics with people all over the world by speaking English
I do not think foreigners who do not live in the English-speaking world can actually understand and understand my English speaking ability, but I think that people with native English speakers can hear my English
And I went to a big park and practiced English vocal practice with loud voice in public places
The reason I can practice speaking English in a loud voice without having a shame from the beginning is because I simply wanted to share it with you
Sit on a park bench and place a video camera on the desk in front of the bench to start recording
And when I start recording I first try greetings a few times, pronounce difficult words a few times and check my English accent
It will be a good experience not to be embarrassing if you practice English in places other than the public
The problem is that there is no topic to talk, I am actually talking in English about things related to current events
I’m practicing adding gestures while speaking in English while looking at the camera lens
Actually, gestures are always added to what Western Europeans and blacks speak, and I am deeply influenced by their communication
Japanese communities are not global because they communicate without adding gestures if they have a shy personality like Japanese
I am very interested in foreign communication skills because I have a desire to be active in the global field
Since there is a camera function on the monitor of the personal computer, you can actually record the video easily and anyone can post the video
I feel free to talk about my feelings in English with the camera function of the PC when I’m free at home, and I always stock video materials
It is easy to edit the video later and I try to make English speaking a daily conversation
I think it would be nice to talk to foreigners in English using skype
Anyway, I think that the most important thing in language learning techniques is to output and to talk without fear
I am convinced that the poor reason for Japanese language acquisition is the lack of output due to shame
I think Japanese people who are not good at showing different parts of themselves by speaking other languages ​​do not need to learn English
I am Japanese but my mind is not Japanese and in fact I can not belong to Japanese society
The purpose of the video posting to Youtube is because I want to keep my existence as a simple record as well as to improve my skill and share
I’m thinking about things theoretically and thinking about the mind of others, but I’m trying to put my mind first
I am studying how to raise my daily potential and the psychology of human beings, and I think that simply repeating the same task is no good
It is not a pain to keep doing what you like, I feel that the group consciousness of society is not so good for humans
I live as usual, there is no change, no stimulus, I do not want to make myself a lazy person
I would like to share vulgar topics and secular information in English speaking but I want to share a topic that is a hint of life
I do not make sense to share dissatisfaction or complaint I want to share people of other types of positive topics, I have posted a video on Youtube

Youtube, English and Possibilities

It has been over 10 years since Youtube has spread, but the public is reluctant to post videos
Certainly it is embarrassing to make a private part public, and the psychology of the mass human beings always has its own private retention
I just think about my own existence meaning and if I do not know my existence I will not have my existence meaning
I am courageous and speak only a momentary feeling in English and I know that nobody is interested in keeping quality and talking
I feel disappointed with the fact that there are many modern people who lack quality

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