Moody person

People who marry easily
People who divorce easily
Pleasure of sex
Pleasure of tobacco
Pleasure of drinking
Prejudice against other races
Escape from labor
Longing for unemployed
Childcare costs and child rebellion and work stress
Wealthy people who keep fulfilling their desires
A challenger who keeps chasing a dream
Obese people in developed countries
Frail children in developing countries

I do not deny the way of life of others

I build relationships with respect to others
I am in a distant relationship with people who can not keep pace
However, only sad news is reported
I feel that a world without a sense of tension may be ignoring humans
I think that the attitude to challenge with an independent mind is to live
It is on the other hand that the desires of runaway countries in developed countries are runaway
Every day we are old and we want to die
There may be differences in interpretation of how to enjoy life
People who enjoy TV and the Internet
People who enjoy the challenge
People who enjoy fantasy
People who enjoy the misery of others
People who become vile
I think that all reason has meaning

God created some races
God created some values
I feel the creation of Tenchi creation
Humans can not unify the world
Humans can not rule human beings
There is a world where children are in control of children
Only parents can control children
Human parent is God
I am purely open the Bible page

you can follow me, if you want

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