Mosquito coil


Mosquito coil

Recently I started using mosquito coil.
I don’t want to work while enjoying the scent of summer.
It has the effect of slightly cooling the hot and humid space.
But this is for myself.
It’s just like enjoying Indian incense.
I would like to rest my mind with a tool that is familiar to me than to enjoy special events and unrealistic virtual images.
There is a great dilemma in everyday creative activities.
They ask themselves questions in order to capture things calmly.
I’m talking to myself in front of the mirror.
There are days when I can’t sleep easily due to the heat of summer nights.
I don’t hesitate to buy a mosquito coil.

Summer proof with barley tea and mosquito coil

There are times when I want to move to a cool environment all year round.
But now I want to feel the heat.
It’s a great time to sweat.
Using the Internet in various ways causes stress.
I am very uncomfortable because I do creative activities in my house.
That is why we have to treat the mind.
I don’t use air conditioner at all.
And I honestly regret that I bought an air conditioner.
Anyway, I sweat and take a cold water shower or take a cold water bath.
I am training my body to obtain antibody immunity from coronavirus.
Bitter barley tea and mosquito coil are very nostalgic items for me.

Expected summer in the future

A few mosquito coils are around $5.
But from now on, we have to get rid of mosquitoes in earnest.
It is because the humidity is high.
Mosquitoes are easily generated in hot and humid climates.
It is not long before mosquitoes occur even in cool places like Europe, where abnormal weather is observed all over the world.

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