Moving with internet line and telephone line

Internet line and telephone line can be relocated to the moving destination

When moving, I have to cancel the contract of gas, water supply and electricity, but found that the telephone line and internet line can be relocated to the new new place of the moving destination. When transferring a telephone line, I do not know whether the phone number will be changed, but it is easy to process because it costs around construction fee. It will be affordable if you do the procedure of relocation of the telephone line two weeks before the move. If you prepare for the new line if you prepare for the new line, you can continue using the Internet provider even at the new residence, it costs only construction fee and the rest of the procedure is as easy as the telephone line.

It is important to lighten transportation volume in order to make it as cheap as possible for the moving company to bring the baggage to the moving company. After having a microwave oven, a refrigerator, a desk, a bicycle and a desktop computer carried to a moving company, the rest of the miscellaneous goods and accessories should be taken to a new house after moving out.

You can change your address by submitting a transfer notice to the government office of the moving destination and submitting a transfer notice prepare the transfer notice two weeks before the move. I think that what is necessary when making a transfer notification is an identification card, a national health insurance, a seal stamp registration certificate and a registered seal. Total cost of moving my expense is somehow my desire to increase to $ 3500. It is that the net line is connected as a minimum condition to the new house and it is not far from the station.

Rent occurs from the date of contract!!!

It will be serious if you do not adjust the tenancy and contract dates well. As the rent is basically generated at the stage where the new residence is decided and contracted, people other than those who want to move in on the same day need adjustment in japan. Even if you make a contract you have to negotiate with the landlord to postpone the tenancy a little. It will not be able to call or internet from my moving in on moving to a new house. Because it is difficult to schedule both construction of the telephone line and Internet line construction on the occupancy day. I have no choice but to utilize smartphones for a few days after moving into a new residence.

I will move to my new house in April!!!

Maybe it may not be possible to write a blog between late March and early April, so please understand. Since the Tokyo Olympic Games will be held next year, as foreigners come to Japan from around the world, I’d like to actively guide directions and places and want to use it as a place to interact with foreigners. My place of moving is a big town in Japan called Yokohama and it is a place close to Tokyo. For me, the town called Yokohama is one of the city I’d long wanted to live in. Yokosuka of the neighboring town of Yokohama has a US military base and a lot of foreigners live, so if move to Yokohama and live there, the opportunity to interact with foreigners will increase in future. I have not yet decided to move, so I can not conclude but I plan to move to Yokohama once.

Someday to America

I strongly believe that I would like to challenge my life for the rest of my life and set goals for life and end such challenges. I can make opportunities if I can undertake various price declarations and I believe that I can put out any number of breakthrough measures. Someday I want to go to the United States and try out my own power when I have the ability and ability, and I am sending out information by English study and SNS.

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