When to move

As the time to move to downtown is approaching, there are things you have to prepare variously.

  1. Stop utility fee(gas,water,electric,telephone)
  2. Cancellation of provider of net line
  3. Submit a notice of transfer at the government office

Moving cost

. Deposit fee and reward modernity

. Fire insurance premium

. Rent

. Deposit to guarantor company

. Transportation fee to moving center

Total $4000 ~ $3000

If you do a lease contract, you will have to pay attention because the rent will be generated from the contract date in japan.

In order to move the moving house, first ask the real estate agent to move in and apply for review.

Documents to be submitted are documents that understand income such as address confirmation documents and withholding slip.

I think that it is just right if we do the procedure of moving home half a month before moving in.

For me living in the country it is important to move to the city. There is plenty of real feeling that you have taken a leave in about ten months, studied web creators, learned a lot and experienced experiencing growth. It is inevitable to go out to the city if it wants a challenging work or encounter with good people and I will not move in the desire to live in an urban environment.

Migrate abroad several years later

For me, moving to the city from now on working and working is a branch point and only a passing point. When either of myself realized that myself was equipped with capability I would like to challenge in the global society like New York in the United States and London in the U.S. I think that Japan is never a global country and in a place called a capitalist society Japan is a developed country and Japan is not an advanced nation that can do things smoothly.

The consciousness of growing-oriented and trying hard for positive is very important.

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