Mr Yabatan

Mr Yabatan

It is important to make a laugh with a short depiction.
Laughing is the only privilege of human beings.
I recognize that popularized things are low moral harm.
And I don’t have TV media, so I’m avoiding popular culture.
However, I myself have a desire to laugh.
It is very important to work and express while making a light joke.
And I feel that relaxation will lead to further dynamism.
There is a white Youtube video called Mr Yabatan.
I don’t know much about him.
But when I was feeling down, I was able to feel better by watching his funny video.
It was able to be rebuilt.
He has a good personality, providing funny videos of about 3 minutes.
The self-deprecating story that is not a black joke shows kindness.
Mr Yabatan is determined to be Norwegian and an English teacher.
His favorite videos are a party video in Norway and a video celebrating Norway’s Independence Day.


I think that the fart is a sound source that soothes the human heart that is common throughout the world.
So I don’t like flatulence, but I like the sound of flatulence.
There is always a flatulence sound source at the end of his video.
I’m impressed by his sense of humor, which uses a kind of human laughing technique at the end.
And I myself made a few seconds of intro video with Youtube video and imitated his method.

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