Multinational country and single racial nation

Multinational country and single racial nation

I have a longing for a racial nation.

I was born and raised in a single racial nation and lived to this day I have accumulated various frustrations. among the multinational nations, the race that is particularly leader is probably caucasian. For example, if an asian like me would like to emigrate to America, I would like in a minority community. You will have to take it as a fact that you will live in a global society and be in a disadvantageous position for you. The countries where I always pay attention are Europe and North America. If you want to live in a glamorous world named the global society English is a necessary language and mastering other European languages is never a waste. Honest talk I always think that I want to leave my country and immigrate to such a multifaceted state. To that end, I am doing essential to listening to English and practicing speaking on a daily basis and I have no regrets against my country at all. I am confident that you can quickly integrate into an immigrant state and an interracial nation because it is a fact that there is no feeling like home love because it is not in my country that I need something to live in modern society. I am convinced that I can grow more and I can make a bigger dream bigger and live by incorporating different cultures and values, at least if I am in my country such experience can not.

To live in a different world from anywhere is to create new possibilities and to limit it to North America and Europe only by extreme talk. It is simply empty for me that I want to live forever as a global human being and to be satisfied with a narrow world.

What I am particularly interested in is the value of each interracial person and how to live. There is curiosity as to what kind of scenery can be seen if it changes to the same lifestyle as them. Although it may not be able to changer appearance, you can change the inner part like ideas, values and behaviors. What I have to learn everyday will inevitably increase as I emigrate and it will be a challenging day for me. I want to avoid sticking to own nation and race excessively like ethnic consciousness and I strongly want to live in relationship with every race. What I think is important to living in a multifaceted state is personal ability, communication ability and passion. There is no need to live in a collective life with biased values compared to a single racial nation but it is necessary to accept various opinions in diversity and I think that there are so many scene that need to be considered.

Every time I see the sky I feel strongly against overseas. I dont wanna run away the daily boring daily life but everyone in the world encounters wonderful events and people are thinking that they invented something that someone has not seen while sleeping I want to walk around the inside.

By the way, there are no countries in the color race nation and rich people.

Most countries of the color race basically stick to their own customs and customs of their country and can not respond to diversity. If you have a consciousness like ethnicity you can never live in a global society and competitiveness will weaken .

To abandon personal prejudice and to emigrate to a multi racial nation can not cope well at first for people who have been educated by a single ethnic nation, but I think that it will become better as soon as changing ones way of thinking.

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