Music box

Music box

It is true that writing strangely comfortable writing a book while listening to the music box is not a cause but a real thing. There are many people who want to go outdoors in nature and want to be freed from the stress of everyday real society. Drinking beer while watching a bonfire or thinking about life philosophy while watching a river sermon is healing and I want to cherish a pleasant moment. What is right or wrong will not be understood by anyone and there are times when it will be pointless to try to solve a problem without an answer. If you live in symbiosis, it is because the sense of values and ideas are different from each other, and the best relationship is that you can love each other. I think that it is not a very smooth way to be motivated to always send something, I think I will have to remember the importance of stopping. I am always trying to remember my sense of balance, because living to go racing does not last long.

After all it may not be possible to get a true sense of happiness by the leisure industry

I would like to live with people who share common hobbies and values, and I would like to avoid having trouble with human relationships as much as possible. I just want to be tolerant to others while maintaining a feeling of appreciation in a quiet living environment. The reason why I do not enrich my mind at amusement parks and shopping is to understand the meaning of true human happiness and eventually I can not get human happiness with money. Succeeding success in life is a failure, but the end of the last life is death and everyone will eventually die. Everyone lives on the premise that it is the life that is full of sad things and the hard thing is a common occurrence. I have isolated from various people in the way of life and I have experienced a lot of hurting someone. I do not know the meaning or meaning of the existence of human beings, but I believe and believe in the existence of God. Whenever I get worried or anxious, I think about death and make a decision not to regret it.

If you think about something while listening to the music of your favorite artist in the music box, you will feel like something will be improved

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