Mutual understanding


Mutual understanding

There are people who cannot understand each other.
I can’t understand each other either.
You can’t understand each other either.
You will be angry and dissatisfied with others.
It’s normal to avoid other people because you can’t fit in with others’ principles.
I don’t think there will be mutual understanding between me and the masses.
It’s an empirical answer.
Even if we cannot understand each other, we will not shift responsibility to others.
Considering the origin of life, there is no choice but to find a partner who can understand each other.
You should avoid being a person who makes you lazy.
So I justify loneliness.
However, I have not forgotten human love and have a minimum of communication with others.
I feel pain in the community and collaboration.
It’s simply because you can’t behave insensitively.
Frustrated by the noisy noise of the kindergarten on weekday mornings, I want to respect their work.

Sensitivity issues

The world of frivolous relationships exists in every nation.
There is also human relations friction in developed and developing countries.
The wandering of life wandering in the land of hope is dangerous.
In short, everyone’s sensibilities are different.
Who is responsible for a dirty society without aesthetics?
It’s a human desire.
I feel the way of life this week and last week is the same.
So I hate that.
But societies and modern people who do not deal with the dilemma cannot abandon the pleasures in front of them.

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