My Blog History


My Blog History

I opened a blog site around July of last year and started using it.
I made a blog site because I was studying web design.
It was a fact that I really wanted to become a Web designer, and knew the importance of practice.
So I actually started paying for the blog.
And one reason was simply the desire to share something with people around the world.

Monthly advertising revenue is less than $ 1

My current blog revenue is less than $ 1 a month on average.
Of course, I can’t make money on my blog and I write blogs while paying monthly blog operating expenses.
I think many people start blogging for profit.
In fact, I continue to operate my blog while accepting this fact.
The important thing is to be passionate about what.
I think that few people can understand that information is transmitted in the current account deficit.
Certainly, I myself want to earn my living expenses by operating a blog.
I think it’s okay to run it for blog revenue with various advice.
But I am aware of the world scale.

English not native language

I have never studied web marketing.
I was simply thinking about how to share the topic with people around the world.
And my conclusion was to use English.
I have never sent information in my native language.
I have posted a Youtube video only once in my native language.
But most blog posts and videos use English.
I don’t think it’s possible to expand globally if you use your native language.
So I don’t think my blog can make money.
My English is low and I don’t have international friends.
Still, the reason for sticking to the global scale is that they are originally interested in foreign countries.
I’m a little dissatisfied with my home country and have no expectations for my home country.
However, I have no experience of living in the international community, so I don’t think I have any communication skills.

Reason for continuation

I think bloggers who are targeting blogging revenue have set goals initially.
Do not deny writing a blog post with a monthly blog revenue target.
I do not deny motivation to make money.
Why don’t I seek blog revenue?
Thinking about realistic issues and human desires.
In other words, everyone wants to have fun and live, and they want too much fun.
I can not deny it and sympathize with it.
But I can’t simply seek mental pleasures like everyone.
I feel happy when I get 1 cent of blog revenue every month.
That’s not the reason we made money.
Simple story I’m glad someone read my blog post.
It just quantifies the result.
I’ve been running a blog for over 10 years and want to keep writing blog posts.
My blog promotion is Youtube.
When you think of a site where many people gather, you remember YouTube.
My YouTube channel has posted over 150 videos.
Finally, I always advertise my blog site.

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