My career history


My career history

Participant’s part-time in 2005
2005 Drinking Water Picking and Sorting part-time
Seven-Eleven part-time in 2005
Part-time delivery of a lunch box in 2005
2007 Pizza Delivery
2008 Convenience store part-time
part-time for sorting food and drinking water of supermarkets 2010
2011 Steel mill packing bite
2011 Automotive Parts Inspection part-time
Contract workers at the 2012 post office
2014 Sushi shop part time
2014 Foundry tool

I am a working class person
I have only experience of physical labor only work
My final academic background is high school graduation
I have been to two vocational schools but dropped out
I dropped out of the first technical school in 3 months
I dropped out of the second technical school in one and a half years

I have been working as a freeter because I could not advance to university
I hate low-intelligent, strong-sex parents
Father thinking only woman
Mother who does not exercise at all
And the fallen human child is about me

Everyone wants to do a good job and live
Join a good company and meet luxury living and wonderful heterosexuality
I hate myself who grew up with an exclusive view of life

The receptionist’s part-time in 2005 is only 3 months
My first job in my life

One week of picking and sorting work water for 2005
My boss at work was the worst

Seven-Eleven’s part-time job went to work early on Saturday and Sunday in six months in 2005 (8 hours work)
It was work in the evening, but changed to work early in the morning due to work relations

About a two-year delivery department in a lunch box shop in 2005
It was the occupation that felt the most worthwhile

Delivery of pizza for one and a half years
Arguing with the manager and dissatisfied

The convenience store’s part-time job lasted one and a half years
It was painful because there was a worst co-worker

Assortment of food and drinking water in supermarkets for 9 months
Occupation that did not work for the first time after returning home

2011 Steel mill packing byte for 2 months
I had a low back hernia and stopped

2011 Automotive Parts Inspection byte for 9 months
I quit for surgery on her low back hernia

Contract workers at the post office in 2012 for one and a half years
I stopped aiming for overseas migration

A part-time job for a sushi shop in 2014
Judged that customer service was not suitable

Fourteen years of work in a foundry factory
I quit because of my own potential

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