My Junior high school and My high school


Junior high school and high school

I entered a local public junior high school in 1998
My best friend moved in elementary school, but I met again in junior high school
However, my best friend refused to attend school, so I could not spend my junior high school days with my best friend
Junior high school club activities belonged to judo club
As I was fat in elementary school, people around me recommended Judo to me
As a result I was crazy about Judo
I dreamed about going to the Olympics in judo in the future

I did not study at all in junior high school
So I failed in the high school exam and unwillingly entered high school
I remember crying after receiving the regrettable results of high school exams after graduating from junior high school
At that time, it wasn’t two days a week off so I had school classes until mid morning on Saturday
I went to bicycle in various places with friends from Saturday afternoon and talked in parks and libraries

I was free in high school

I entered high school in 2001, but I was unwilling to enter, so my tension was falling
I still got a full-time prize in high school as well as junior high school
The club activity of high school days was an amateur wrestling club
In high school I used to be a professional fighter in the countryside
However, I did not get good results at the tournament, so I was unable to enter the university by sports recommendation.
My final education is high school graduation but I am satisfied

My high school routine is the morning practice of the amateur wrestling club and the afternoon practice after class
I went home after club activities and listened to radio, strength training and watched martial arts videos
I got on the plane several times during high school
When I was in high school second year I went to Korea for a sports friendly match
I went to Kyushu and Okinawa in Japan for school trips
I went to Fukuoka in Kyushu for the amateur wrestling tournament in Japan’s national convention.

Anyway, I was fascinated with martial arts for six years from junior high to high school
I was thinking only about martial arts during youth and I was not interested in entertainers or heterosexuals at all

I clearly remember the 2004 high school graduation day
A Japanese spring song I heard after coming home knowing that I was failing university entrance exams on a public phone was impressive.

After 14 years of high school graduation, I sometimes miss school days

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