My memory


Emptiness of local old friend’s place and current situation

In February 2005 I moved from the local to the city and for about 5 years until 2010 I was only doing part-time job with music activities in the city life. I did not anticipate that I will return home locally in February 2010 and live in the country as it is and it will be nine years early and will have a new beginning this year in the tenth year.

It is no wonder separately that I remembered just 9 years ago and I feel nostalgic and tightening my chest.

16 years have passed since I graduated from high school

Remembering the phrase of the song when it’s time now with a fork song called Remnant Snow reminds me of the high school graduation year in the spring of 2004. I am surprised by the flow of a long day but I have not changed what it seems like my own existential meaning itself but the values and my way of life has changed many times but it has evolved. Although there is no resistance to becoming 34 years old this year, it is impossible to stop the aging process of the cell, it is wonderful to grow old and more knowledge and experience can be obtained. I anticipate that marrying and having children in this era and the future ahead will be nonsensical. I do not intend to deny inheriting the good old traditions and traditional things in the changing times, but in my case I always want to be interested in new things. There is no need for decayed values in high school days but there is no grudge against corporal punishment of club activities advisor but there is no gratitude feeling or reunion with a person with different values can not be reached. It was only curiosity that entered the wrestling department during high school and I had to leave myself in the sports environment to escape from the worst family environment. I think that it was good to leave the local again this year and things should turn to a good direction.

What is insurance and risk in irreplaceable one-off life?

100% I think that my life should be decided by myself and it is difficult and painful for me to live in the country that continues to follow the values of the old age even after the war. The unmarried rate of young people in Japan is high and the momentum of the population phenomenon is amazing, but the marriage rate of young people in other developed countries is also quite low and the number of middle-aged singles seems to be increasing. I have not reunited with my old friends and I have not participated in alumni meetings so I do not know the situation of former friends and acquaintances, but those who are about to be posted on Wikipedia are not to me not in. Those in the rural upper middle school results are simply merely a commoner and an ordinary man. There is no risk of trying for my identity belonging to the bottom of society or what seems to be backwards. It is fun and sad to try to end a life by saying a complaint to a boring job based on the idea that life should be enjoyed just by having a fun life. I think that what gambling in life is misunderstanding with ideas and faith. It seems a few years ago that we realized that the heat we love each other does not last forever is unchanged and certain things are natural and written in the Bible. The fact that the fever for those who liked once has cooled down a long time ago and does not remember exist. It was only a few years ago that I began to realize that pleasures are disturbing when I was about 30 years old when I knew the important meaning of having a rewarding one that is not gold or honor.

Urban town in the falling rain

Rainwater penetrates into shoes and socks are soaked and unpleasant foot stepping

I was afraid that my figure walking beside a car running casually was lovely

I compared the person who spends all day watching TV in the house to piging all day long

Separately I do not mind returning to those days that were really painful

I will seek peace of mind while feeling the bad feeling of urban rain wet socks

It is dangerous to raise my mind to move to a city near the city and move to a new journey in the middle of March

I do not expect perfect results but I am not disappointed

As of the time when I was writing poetry in the city library surely 2008

Let’s obey the reason that will only become!!!!

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