My way of life


My way of life

There are various methods of economic activity such as working at a company, self-employed, and freelance.
What is your proper way of working?
I’m an eccentric artist who doesn’t belong to the community.
After working for a company, I felt mental and physical fatigue and learned a lesson in my life.
I’m fascinated by survival until I finally die.
He resists living unearned with his retirement savings and pension insurance.
I have no respect for the old people who are suffering from their free time.
And I don’t think generations have anything to do with lazy people.
There are always lazy guys.

Your way of life

What is your way of life?
You can make your own choices for the rest of your life.
However, there are some things I’m not good at in the field that suits me.
If you don’t do what you’re not good at, you can’t make your life bloom more.
Desperately doing my weak English, I recommend trying something that I’m not good at.

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