I try to capture the destiny as I want to believe in god, myself and believe that the disaster that I fall for myself is homework from God. I recognize that the opposite sex or court love affair I have liked is not a coincidental existence but an inevitable existence and I may be a mass of romanticism. I do not know why I feel somewhat unwilling to try stimulating everyday daily life. Those who will heal the tired mind can be asserted that it is a feeling of improvement and a feeling of liberation that has been reached and is richness of emotion and not material wealth.

Great satisfaction with the meal menu of cabbage, chicken, white rice and soy sauce

There is nothing dissatisfied with being able to feel happiness at the moment as it is now but accepting all the destiny is quite difficult and sometimes the frustration accumulates and it is true that there are quite a lot of things to violently rush and run to violence. There is a human entertainment called a meal as an item to satisfy hunger and to enjoy eating and to talk a conversation. To accept the destiny is to leave the flow of the river and to recognize the necessity and it will be a spiritual talk. The feeling of simply wanting being in a good mood and wanting to be friendly to people is promising and true.

You can judge what you can and can not do under the conditions of nationality, race, religion, parents, brothers and sisters, friends and potential

I feel somber in the warmth of car exhaust gas. The feelings of wanting to soak in the nostalgic feeling that there are many times to often see old movies are getting stronger recently. People are going to encourage self-development, simply enjoy movies and music when it is impossible to accept the destiny, it is normal.

Sad things that get drunk on the subway

I will probably use the subway this Saturday, but when I get on the subway while watching smart phones it often happens that I get off while I get nauseated. One of my sad destinies is to have motion sickness and to use this crowded train for this lifestyle you have to fight against the days of train sickness. It is my first time to move to a city about 40 minutes from the city center and commute by crowded train everyday but it is uneasy for me for the first time but in order to create my own career I still need a job at a company and need knowledge, experience and connection. Working at a company in Tokyo for the first time at the age of 33 is a great stimulation and it is true that I want to be excited anytime. I think that the effect of motion sickness is to soak in thought while staring at the scenery visible from the window. I think now that it is God’s homework to suffer from suffering human relationships while enduring motion sickness.

What will everyone challenge and excite about in the future? What I want to mention to everyone may be simply to understand things clearly and to consider the uninformed feelings of unique existence. The year will change soon in Japan but there is no need to adapt to the world body and it is not special and the world is constantly changing. There are pros and cons of about connecting with the Internet, but I have a sense that the spiritual distance separates away by reducing the physical distance. It is an ideal to become a realist while continuing to hold humanity together to believe in calm judgment and destiny.

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