Naomi osaka

Naomi chan

Tennis player ms naomi made it.

She won at final game on us grand slum tennis competition yesterday.

This is incredible happened to tennis world and it must will be exciting to all tennis fans very much.

I learned something like patience when I had been watching her final game.



We all races are having some effectives and defectives.

Such as difference in appearance between differ races and then there is a few inferior races in this world. 

We all races are descendants of African and it has consisted of scientific basis actually.

  • Surely it’s difference thing which has intellectual advantages and each human skull.
  • Once I had studied anthropology by myself and somehow I’ve had curious with something like that.
  • After recording result of all humanity is that I just was surprised it by history.
  • As a non African type I can say it that it has been handed down skin pigment since 300000 over years ago. 
  • Descendants of a group has adapted to the new environment that is moving to place which can be able to monopolize own statement.
  • Each groups had headed to Australia since 50000 years over ago.
  • Or going to Siberia since 45000 years over ago, or South America since 15000 years over years ago.

Skin color

  • There are plenty of skin color humans living in this world and a thin pigment race is living north side.
  • On other hands a dark skin race is living south side.


  • Independent nation

Let it clear knowledge of America that immigrated nation isn’t kind of melting pot.

We’re both same human beings.

In American’s case

  1. White 62.1%
  2. Hispanic 17.4%
  3. Black 13.2%
  4. Asia 5.4%
  5. American Indian, Hawaiian 1.4%
  6. Else 0.5%

There is total three classes on social system, pyramid.

It depends on places which Urban, suburban, rural residents are.

The difference among races means the difference of thoughts and lifestyle are kind of immigrant nation’s suitable I think.

GDP top rank 10

  1. America 
  2. China
  3. Japan
  4. Germany
  5. Uk
  6. India
  7. France
  8. Brazil
  9. Italy
  10. Canada

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