Recently I started to take a nap
Began to take a nap
There is no reason to take a nap like in the past

I couldn’t take a nap since I quit my job last year
I could not sleep even though I had lunch, but now I can sleep

I think it is a good thing to always go up and do my best in life
However, it is nonsense to produce works and products that are not good quality

The influence of Jamaican culture may have helped to develop optimistic thinking
It is not good enough just to be active

K pop

I’m not a music critic
I am not a pop music fan
I am not interested in entertainment related at all
My only school days were sports and I was not in love
Anyway, I’m an indifferent person in the entertainment world
Globally popular Korean music
From the conclusion, even a single phrase of a Korean artist’s song does not leave an impression
Will a masterpiece of music be born every week or a genius of music be unearthed every week?

There is no creation in Japan’s production activities
Japanese who is satisfied with the sense of accomplishment that has done daily work by repeating simple work
The importance of always keeping the true meaning of life
The emptiness to continue supplying without trying to heal a tired body
Why do new creations come out of the United States?
Difference between Oriental and Western People’s Views of Life
Oriental thinking that it should be mass-produced
Western thinking that stops wasteful production activities
I feel that Korean people are exactly the same as Japanese habits

It is important to stop if you get stuck

Stop work when you get tired of work
Stop devising if you don’t think of an idea
If you do not know stop action
I am convinced that stopping is the most important to grow anyway
Simple work can be done while thinking is stopped

Inefficient production system
Bad Youtube videos
Bad blog post
Bad photo
Bad oil painting

I try to sleep every time I get stuck
Anyway, I think that sleeping is the best solution if you are troubled

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