Everyone loves their own things
And everyone is in love with beautiful actresses and rock stars
We should not forget to rehydrate for dehydration.
Hydration can not be indispensable in the coming era
If you look at the Youtube video, the content is an introduction of a trivial event
People who don’t have unique skills are desperately looking for something

Lone cosplayer

The expressive person’s pursuit ability is wonderful
Singing hit songs and dancing in popular rhythms
There are a lot of teens drowned in the entertainment world
There are many people who are suffering from daily work and the pain of school
I think that our tomorrow who is stressed in the home is universal

Youtuber shooting in a dimly lit room

I admire the appearance of people working in bad weather
Sick man sleeping in bed in bed and children playing outside
I have not denied people who are in love with the world of fantasy forever
But making a hobby work is not an easy task

1 I have never seen Aladdin’s movie
2 I have never seen a movie of Godzilla
3 I have never heard of a BTS song
4 I have never listened to Ariana grande songs
5 I have never seen the Walking dead drama
6 I have never seen the Friends drama

I do not feel attractive to what the public is watching
So I am different from the public
I can not agree with the public
And I will not be popularized
I want to complete a marathon in life with a unique existence

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