There is no perfect nation in this world

Let me take an example about immigrant, I had never thought of reality and huge gap between my ideal and excessive realism.
Honesty I was realized ultimate answer about life’s theory. Even if I move to another country, it will not be better life eventually. I am not will to decided to move another places which is like euro nation.

Changing character is unusual happen

  • Receiving own character
  • Be logical thinker
  • Interracial group is unusual
  • Need to have sometime for relax

Fame, economic power, freedom, which one you must choose.
If you choose one, forget remained two things.

Aspect, intelligence, luck, talent, which one do you have?

Russian people aren’t saving money for emergencies. In Russia people of 36% are saving money in bank. It’s differ sense of value between westerner and easterner and I acknowledge that such as things. There is no way to repair defective part of nationalism. In my opinion that we all people should to obey natural consistency of life.

Looking for foreigners looking for homestay in Japan

A detailed overview

Currently I am a creator aiming for a photographer.
I have the experience of studying in the UK so I can speak English regularly.
I was interested in foreign cultures 10 years ago and I am interested in foreign cultures.
Although it was planned to travel overseas in the past, we abandoned overseas travel due to financial circumstances.
Since we are planning to travel abroad surely in the near future, I wanted a place to exchange with foreigners to enhance English conversation skills and overseas circumstances while in Japan I am recruiting homestay this time.

The number of homestay days will be up to one week, but if you want more than one week I will consult with you

If you are a foreigner who is planning to come to a sightseeing trip in Japan please do not hesitate to send me a mail.
->Click here
If possible, I’d like to talk with Skype before traveling to Japan.

I will introduce myself lightly here

Name  Yasunari kayama 
Age  33 
Nationality  Japanese 
Occupation  Photograper 
Family circumstances  Living alone 
Talkable language  English Spanish French 
Travel history  South Korea UK France 
Pet circumstances  Currently I do not have any pets 

If foreigners who have already decided where to stay in Japan want to communicate somewhat with Japanese, please do not hesitate to E – mail me.

you can follow me, if you want

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