New Wind

It is a fact that it is riding on a prescribed rail and basic concepts.

A boyhood who was walking for spiritual comfort.

It is common for occasion to become adult and sentimental.

I like writing spelling like daily everyday gossip.

I understand what people seek something fun to do.

I do not plan to play with words, but I just want to find something new next year.

It can not be helped even if cycling such as to throw away is used.

I think every day I want to grow up in myself little by little.

I feel relaxed if I try to live with the flow of nature and live.

I quit my job in June this year and it has passed over half a year ago.

I have learned by myself all the time I quit my job.

I do not know what will happen myself in the future.

I’m going to grasp to some extent the height of my own potential.

I do not tell you anything and do not feel anything but it’s okay to live as it is.

I think that it would be nice if I finally settle down somewhere.

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