Need to have some new experiences for future, nothing with anachronism.


Do you know the useful free application software called Skype? It has been felt that there is still a company that does business in the old way still in the natural times of buying and selling and communication on the Internet. Home sales and business people came to my house. I do not think that everyone chooses a career in doing business after understanding the system of supply and demand. The person who came to visit the life insurance service was a middle-aged woman who introduced me to the service with a plain face. It was a woman who wanted me to revisit if the business woman had a beautiful look but wanted to see it again. Living in a city and having a close relationship with the neighbour have the illusion of having a solid, very inhuman life. The vigilance of people living in big cities around the world is getting more and more serious while my pure feelings are getting darker.

Level up with self-study and learning

Meeting a sales employee with eyes without a soul was a good chance to become a teacher and to become a good teacher and to find out the inner part of onesel. As a result of making an unwilling choice in favor of something like spiritual peace, there are a lot of people who are in pain. I understand that it is important to keep believing in a situation where economic stability is not easy, and I thought to study life philosophy. Now I am trying to gain knowledge and experience using a free online salon etc. The importance of learning was understood by the advice of the successful person. Somehow I’m seeking information from abroad rather than domestic and credible countries are European countries, Canada and Australia. On the other hand, I can not say that the information from East Asia is not wrong, but I feel that there is uncertainty. There is no doubt that there are companies in Japan that still have home visits and operations in Japan, and it is a fact that can not be said in developed countries. I think that I had been transformed into a lost lamb and I was totally blinded. It may be because I am not living in a suitable country that I have not been rewarded for my efforts to open up possibilities in my studies. Thanks to American companies for getting free knowledge.

Absolute way

I want to think that this world is beautiful but the realities of people living in a coexistence society are different. I would like to solve problems smoothly and efficiently by making full use of the wisdom of my ancestors. There is no way for anyone to know the biggest method that only you can find. No one knows the best way for individuals who do not know even if they search the internet and library books. Emotional theory is immutable and inconsistent, literary preference is dangerous. It is in the late twenties that people began to think when it would be better to interpret and resolve in a logical way.
If you do not stop production constantly, you can enter the stable state theoretically. You must sell stability to cure mental damage even if you continue to produce and obtain stability while suffering mental damage. Maintaining a sense of balance is my current task. I tried to sell at a stage where I was trying to enter a period of theoretical instability, because I was away from mental instability and I was not grasping the essence. The posture that I have created and expressed the martial arts with the theory of philosophy of Bruce Lee’s philosophy is uniform without waste.

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