New development using taboo


One day I personally realized that there were people who did not deal with race or genitals.

Black American characters are difficult for white Americans who are sensitive to the presence of blacks.

But East Asians can make black anime characters without being sensitive to the presence of blacks.

White complex

I feel like I have a white complex for all colored people.

East Asians should pay more attention to other colored people.

So now I am studying the color of black skin.

I myself feel that the aesthetic elements of the world are leaning toward the western appearance.

I don’t care about the appearance of each race.

And I don’t use hairdressers and I shave because I simply don’t like the feel of a bearded face.

For example, black hair is Asian beauty

Black-haired straight-permed Asian women are perceived as having a very attractive appearance.

I don’t understand the beauty of Asian beauty.

So I don’t find the black skin of black people or the color of blonde hair of westerners.

But every time I hear opinions from other races, she is praised for her black hair.

I’ve never dyed hair before, but it just doesn’t look good.


Women’s milk is just part of the body.

A male urinal is just a part of the body.

I am tired of the morals of modern people who differentiate female nipples and genitals.

All non-human life forms are undressed and dogs and cats are naked.

I can be called a vile artist.

People who are interested in making money but have no interest in art or philosophy.

The area I’m worst about is making money.

The purpose of actively serving others is simply to get paid.

I think that true service is to respond to passive requests from other companies.

Advertising parade on parade

Setting up factories and producing things is a very painful performance.

It’s not a service to do business with the psyche of the masses who are sensitive to talks about making money.

I don’t want to make money and enjoy delicious food and fall to hell.

It can be said that it is better to try and error by yourself instead of information merchandise.

You can never succeed in the world without effort.

Aiming for a goal on a shortcut or backstreet will lead you to the shortest path to hell.

I have no choice but to struggle after all

There is no happiness other than effort.

It is important to turn off the mass media during these boring days.イラスト.mp4

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