New expression


New expression

We should be aware that we are part of the masses who copy and copy successful methods.
If you proceed your own route, the chance of success is almost zero.
However, by giving priority to oneself, originality can be maintained.
I feel the moment and think about something.
And I failed to find a job in the city last year, but the failure turned into a success.
If I could get a job, I was suffering from late payment of rent and overtime.
In fact, I failed the entrance examination for a vocational school.
But that also turned into success.
I was planning to attend an urban vocational school from the countryside, but now the school is closed.
It is expected that he resumed his creative activities without being able to find a job.


I’m thinking while holding a pen tool in front of my computer.
We are exploring new animation expressions.
There is no need to express a clear message.
I am pleased to express myself simply without having the feeling of meeting the needs of consumers.

Youtube content

Everyone doesn’t try new expressions.
Is it an idea or an adventure?
However, I think that there is a large gap between the lonely human and the mental state of the human being who is becoming popular.
The layers are posted with almost no special performance.
After all, it is very difficult for a lonely artist to close the gap with the masses.
But you don’t have to be a leader of the masses and it’s not attractive.
There are only videos of eating, talking, singing, dancing and drinking.
Life has no meaning.
Are everyone acting vulgar because they are familiar with the fact?
There is no answer in life.


We are always looking at something from the front.
There are various angles.
You can capture various things from a 360-degree angle.
And it would be nice if I could express something on the front.

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