New place

New place

If we stay in the current situation there is no need to take a risk, I will not be anxious and I can live a life with sense of stability and I can understand the feeling that anyone seeking a sense of security. When actually going to the site or face the problem directly, human beings are scared and trying to return to the present state. I do not know what the fear of changing the status quo is but it seems that humans are always trying out courage by something. When someone wants to sink or need someone’s advice, it is certainly a time when you need a sense of security. It would be a waste of time to think that it would affect the richness of human life by jumping in with courage. If there is something unexpected, I understand that my thought is too sweet and I have to calmly capture the logic of the world and I have to think carefully carefully.

Customs become a habit

It is hard to think things calmly in human beings in the hardship and I know that we have to devise our strength. I do not know what will happen I wish that there is a new world beyond anxiety. I feel that I can not be defeated by tension and fear I’m not wrong what I set as my next goal in the US and Europe, and I always want to keep my mind to aim for the next goal. As a strategy talk, you should consider preparing the second option properly and considering the third option. I am convinced that if you think back from the target back to the current you will reach the target smoothly and quickly. For example, when testing, schedule can be well done by doing things backwards to see questions and answer composition instead of first reading the problem.

Life changes by switching from habitual behavior to non-habitual behavior

You can have a sense of security if you do habitual behavior. Habitual behavior is a natural behavior and unconscious behavior. Unconscious state is like half consciousness so there is no painful feeling. Human beings can grow by doing courage and doing non-habitual behavior. It is a process of human growth and I am convinced that thinking and worrying in a mental spare margin is an important experience. All things will be good memories if they are in the past and everyone has got over when they have got over when they have to overcome in life.

It is not a feud

Everyone will feel dissatisfied with the body and personality he got from God and it is honest. I am conscious that having hatred against my father is unavoidable and can not bear to be in the same space anymore. It is impossible to resolve the blood relationship in the law of the world of the world. I desire a divorce relationship with him, but in reality it can not be helped. I think that now should be the distance away physically and I am asking God. I refuse marriage because I think that I can not build a warm and familiar family. We should not mix the ideal with the reality and we need to be calm.

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