New style

new style

Those who seek success should imitate those who succeed.
Art genres like music, movies, dramas, models, paintings and photography.
To achieve a revolutionary business, you must produce a lonely artist.
The existence of the public who is brainwashed by a virtual image and cannot understand reality and essence.
The importance of living everyday life while confirming the values ​​of happiness.
I understand why I can’t succeed.
I understand why I am suffering because I cannot succeed.
An unpopular minority lonely person cannot cooperate with a popularized person.
That ’s why the share button is not pushed.
I want to succeed but want to succeed without becoming popular.
Even if I become popular and succeed, it is not a success.
I feel happiness in living with the room to enjoy the process until success.
I think that we cannot throw away unnecessary things to challenge new things with a weak desire to challenge.
It makes sense for me to post blog posts.
My respected painter Van Gogh wrote a letter to his brother Theo in his lifetime.
Van Gogh presumes that he had maintained his mental state by writing a letter.
Because I am in the same situation as Van Gogh, I can understand his emotional tendency.


1 Van Gogh
2 Bruce Lee
3 Audrey Hepburn
4 Marilyn Monroe
5 Picasso
6 Spielberg

They are successful and revolutionaries who have pioneered new genres.
Well I think their common point is that they pioneered their own style.
You know I am confident that if you become lonely and create, you can open up new genres.
And I have not yet pioneered new genres and styles.
I’m just a halfway web creator and amateur painter living alone.


Looking at the various creations, all of them are just similar expressions.
The low morality of the entertainment industry that only comes in handy.
Advertising animation characters similar to popular animation characters.
In order to raise motivation, I use self-development videos as a reference, but I don’t think I should break my own style.
There is no point in trying to succeed by imitating the process of success.
I think that we should move forward with understanding the essence without thinking shortly.
Don’t make copies of your originality.
I want to cherish only one style in the world, and wealth and fame are vulgar ones made by the masses.
I live by thinking that it is important to keep doing my own style and keep doing something.

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