Nikon D750

Basics of photography

I have started to take pictures four years ago, but the world of photography can be said to be one of the art fields that is truly deep. As knowledge necessary before taking a picture, I think that it will be three, aperture, shutter speed and sensitivity adjustment first. It is important to use the studio when shooting to take a person’s subject and to keep track of the proper location in landscape shooting. The degree of exposure can be changed by fine adjustment of the shutter speed and the aperture value, and adjustment of the sensitivity becomes essential if taking a moving object.

I think that the most important factor in taking a wonderful photo is to think about the composition.

I think that it can be said that whether good or bad of a photograph is decided by a composition also for commercial photographing and business shooting. It may be fun to try in manual mode instead of doing in auto mode when shooting for beginners. I think that the most important thing in composition is to make a shadow using natural light and strobe to make it an artistic picture as well. I am currently using the Nikon D 750, and the performance is excellent and the camera is very fulfilling to use. I think that it is shooting 10000 photos as the first step in improving photography. Of course, it is important not to take continuous shots, and to shoot carefully with self-shot while carefully adjusting the angle and camera functions. I think photography and painting are very similar art sectors and what I can take advantage of my career is photography. Again the most used software in photo editing is Photoshop and Lightroom I still want to recommend these two high-performance adobe software to everyone. There is not much difference between the performance of Canon and the camera of Nikon, but the name is somewhat different but it is true that both are camera products trusted globally. A professional photographer is divided into two categories and it is a professional cameraman and a photographer. The professional cameraman is an employee who is employed by business photography and works with a contract as an employee. Although it is a stable form of employment, basically you can not make a lot with fixed salary. And so photographer is basically working as a freelance worker and taking a commercial shoot. Although I am not stable, I can expect high income. I think that it is good to remember that the arrangement of an accurate composition according to the subject matter influences the goodness of the photograph. You can gradually improve if you train to adjust the aperture value and the shutter speed little by little after you decide yourself in manual mode everyday.

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