I think that all of people have heard about video games which comes from us and Japan. When I was kid as elementary school student that I was playing roleplaying game which are Pokemon green and Mario brothers in childhood very much. However I never do video game as children and not interested in video characters and something like it.

Retied CEO of Nintendo

This world that let people to have fun with video games entertainment and it must necessary to concern of quality for making new games characters as much as Disneys entertainment I guess. Im very interested in upcoming newly and evolutionary software.

Outdoor and indoor, which do you want to stand for?

I wish I could image so that it will be having some of problems from social media and modern peoples moral, identity because something like unreasonably things is tending to spread society as well. We need to careful of lifecycle for living from this era. But I dont deny such as processing humans invention and current impressive happens. Ill alway worrying about global problems which is devastating environment now. I do carefully of global warming as living this world. To work for living as paying attention is very hard for us. In order to not feel miserable that it is most important activity is be logical thinker to everything. Uhhhh.. I cant able to explain about correct answer for living. Basically to excessive trending perspective is not good for solving anything I think. It means that forgetting sense of balance not.

Back to childhood

I was often playing football by myself all the time. My around classmates were completely indoor side that to play playstation with friends after school. There was no classic youth appearance in my town.

I remember now that me and bro were stolen fathers money to buy video game NEOGIO and video games softs. Honestly I was not tend to steal fathers money to buy video games but bro just wounded love to play it. Beside it spent around $600 its horrible thing for me. Its definitely addiction for video game. It was not good memory for me about video game.

  • In beautiful sunset with running children
  • I had to focus on other languages to spread own potential for making dream come true.
  • What is impressive icon for current young people?
  • In remaining lifetime I would be interested in newly culture without a cause.
  • I dont wanna ignore realistic things which comes from around world.

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