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In the current job hunting situation, the situation where I can not get the job offer of the desired company is continuing. In fact, modern people are quite entrepreneurs and work as freelancers. I think that I have to make a compromise when I want to work in a company with good working conditions. After all experience and practical experience and practical skills become the necessary weapons to get a job. It is important to have passion, but more important things have been identified as specific visions, plans and contributions. Until now, two companies have passed the document screening, and the document answering of several other companies was not good, but it was a real answer. I think that the condition of educational background and age is an old idea and now I think I really have to have practical experience. I understand that it is important to work in the internship, and also the knowledge and experience I have acquired in my own language is important, but only the student can gain the skills at the cutting edge site. It would be convenient to have a modern job where work can not be done without using the Internet. I am looking for a job but I have installed updated skills and knowledge because I have to send information regularly. I think I must appeal to myself in an easy-to-understand manner, and I can not grow up without uploading videos with more specific content to Youtube.


I have started to post videos on Youtube last summer, but the purpose of the video posts so far was to simply keep a record of the video editing practice. I understand that the fun of creating a wide variety of video content is fully understood and I have to send new videos. Audiences are people from all over the world and I do not want to send out videos in Japanese just because they all aren’t Japanese. Anyway, my English ability has dropped dramatically, so I’m thinking of talking about something in English to improve my English ability. However, I am currently working and the image quality is not good because the shooting equipment is a single-lens reflex camera. I have to think about what I’m talking about, and I’m trying to share my videos with people all over the world. I think it would be nice if I could talk at random, and I would be happy if I can enjoy discussions about the current events and silly knowledge. By the way, I was the only place of social media activity was Youtube and my own website, and I left Facebook and Instagram. Email or Youtube is the place for networking with me. Publicly revealing personal information may not be a risk and it may be the only way to get something.

I know it’s easy to get a job if you compromise, and strange and stable things won’t last long. Anyway, I have to get information little by little every day and I can only advance things in force, I can not grow if I know the results in a short circuit. It has never been a mistake to invest a lot to gain skills for my future from last year and I will continue to invest time and money for my own growth in the future.

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