No destination

No destination

There is no point in life anymore.
I don’t think humans can be perfect.
We all understand that we live in conflict with various things.
With a wide variety of perspectives, everyone thinks they have found the answer.
After all, humans cannot find the true answer.
And we live on the doom of dying without knowing the true right and the true mistake.
She struggles desperately in times of mental distress.

Destiny to pursue art for a lifetime

The story of winning the game is very convenient.
Can you know your destiny at the age of 50?
I intend to work creatively with a revenge spirit.
The point is that you can find your own hole in society and enter that hole.
I want you to watch the interview video at the crossroads of life.
So I want to provide my own unnatural appearance and compassion.
The theme of my art is still human.
I want to express something using that person as a theme.

Run, walk, stop, run again

Looking at the sky, I think of the world.
I think the energy of my performance is human.
However, if you express with the human love that everyone wants, you can not express anything special.
I always feel like running on my own rail.
And I myself use extreme expressions to keep the problem from occasionally weathering.
I feel universal for the road race of my life.
It is important to do something while enriching your own private life.
Humans will die if they keep walking.
What I’m looking for is to find the goal early in life.

It’s sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, and sunny again

You can’t accept anything when you’re mentally painful.
But over time, the mood calms down.
I feel that enjoying the process of success might be a success.
The weather can be sunny for a week.
May be sunny for a month.
But can sunny weather continue for a year?
No life is full of success, and if you do, you will suffer.

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