No entertainment



People want entertainment.
There are many people who want to be free from boring daily life.
I get up every morning at 6:30 and think about my daily schedule.
I am trying to change my usual habits with awareness of repeated daily actions.
I regularly go back to work and life themes.
Everyone has to make money to consume.
Everyone is doing bad jobs and buying unwanted clothing and branded items.

Entertainment industry

I can’t understand the feeling of going to the concert.
Purchase tickets over $ 100 and purchase transportation expenses and goods to the concert venue to enjoy entertainment.
Feels humorous about entering the crowd of consumers.
I’m not going to see the concert, but if the ticket costs about $ 1, you can go to the concert.
I have never paid to see a concert.
In other words, there is no experience that became a prey of the entertainment industry.
Relying on the entertainment industry to forget the pain of everyday life is a foolish story.
Going to see the concert cannot solve the current problem.
I think it’s a stupid act to buy a $ 100 ticket to change the mood.

Neighborhood walk

My only way to change my mind is to exercise or walk.
It is meaningful that the progress is interrupted during the creation of video creation.
I think I must always improve my mind and body so as not to lower the quality of creation.
There is nothing cheaper than free.
There are ways to enjoy it instead of traveling abroad or driving a car.
If you want to travel abroad, you can search for Youtube walking tour.
If you want to drive a car, you can rent a cheap car for a few hours.
I always have a habit of taking a walk in the evening.
It’s an act of shopping, and it really makes you feel refreshed and self-development.
I ask myself every day.

Voidness after consumption

A few years after purchasing new CDs and downloads of new songs, they are rented free of charge at the library.
In other words, the value of the entertainment product is low, and it is rented for free or used and sold.
All substances become less valuable over time.
Recognizing buying a new product is a foolish act.
I don’t have the feeling of sharing my own sensibility of living alone.
However, I myself realize my life by seeing sheep who stopped thinking.
Paid entertainment is nonsense.

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