No Honeymoon


The greatest period of happiness in life is the honeymoon.
I think the dating period and honeymoon are honeymoon periods.
Does the honeymoon period last until death?
The answer is no.

Suffering from suppression and after pleasure

I myself suffer from restraint.
It means suffering of jealousy and frustration.
Which pain is severer?
I think the suffering after pleasure is more severe.
The time to suppress is a short period of tens of minutes.
But the suffering after the pleasure of desire is long.

Someone is studying or acquiring skills while enjoying pleasure

There are people who live in a competitive society and spend nothing on nothing.
Lover and restaurant.
Amusement park with lover.
Sexual activity.
You should be pleased with the fact that they are having fun.
This is because there is a chance to win in a competitive society.
You can study law, study medicine, study design, read reference books, and self-develop while they go to concerts.
I think I should be pleased with this fact.
If you live in a foreign country, not in a fiercely competitive China, you should study to get a chance.

Honeymooners no longer sick

Humans cannot always be pleased.
There are always times when you feel uneasy about the problems that occur in the real world or suffer physical illness due to illness.
For lovers, newlyweds and successful people who are floating in such a honeymoon, everyday life of stress always comes.
I think drugs are fun for some humans.
New problems are growing like bacteria while enjoying the honeymoon in life.
You have to suffer later if you do not return to the real world with quick and severe thinking.

How to feed restraint

Anyway, time kills the desire.
Going to bed and extinguishing the urge of desire is the best way to control it.

Problems occur after desire

Marriage → Repayment of marriage funds
Honeymoon → Return to work after honeymoon
Giving a child → Lifelong guarantor, child crying at night, child support, child rebellion, university funding
Buying a car or a house 家 → Repaying a loan for nearly 40 years
Dining out, junk food → → suffering from cancer

Easy to get married.
Understand the emotional tendencies of humans immersed in romance and enjoying the honeymoon spiritual pleasures.
I think that people who want to live together until they die should marry early and have children.

Things I do not want to continue until I die

I think we should avoid being unable to continue until we die.
The pleasure in front of you is the enemy.
The treat in front of you is a trap.

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