No internet No life


No internet No life

The days when the Internet is not available continue.
You must disconnect your internet connection before moving.
I use only smartphones for a few weeks before moving.
However, the smartphone’s GB becomes high and you have to pay a large fee.
That’s why smartphone usage has been reduced recently.
Currently, the smartphone is turned off except for calls.
It’s hard not to be able to use the Internet while moving in.
For me, the period before moving is a great opportunity to learn.
I’m really in trouble because Internet videos are teaching materials.
Recently reading and watching TV.
A smartphone is used to update the blog, but it costs communication charges.
I thought about using WIfi, but it wasn’t good because it was expensive.
There is a way to use free Wifi at fast food restaurants, but it is not safe.
Since you have to log in, you may leak important information.
Anyway, now I have to put up with a life without internet until I return to my new home.
I’m not working on the Internet, but the Internet is a source of information.
I think that information is a source of life and an intangible weapon that affects life.

Over 17GB

When I posted a video on Youtube on my smartphone, I ended up with a high GB.
But I want to continue posting on blogs and Youtube.
I still feel that the cost of telephone communications and internet connection costs $ 150 a month, but it is necessary.
Now I write blog posts and exchange emails on my smartphone and laptop.
However, it is difficult to use a desktop computer.
Because it is a desktop computer, you can’t even use free Wifi from fast food restaurants.
After moving to a new house, I’m worried about using WIfi as the main or connecting the line again.
When thinking about the future, if you work on a trip, you will only use a laptop computer, so I think you should use Wifi as the main item, and I think that you don’t need a desktop computer.

Comment from Like button

I have experimented on Youtube.
The content is to verify the reaction in Youtube.
I pressed the Like button on various YouTube videos and waited for a reaction.
However, more than 80% of Youtubers are unresponsive.
This time, I wrote a comment on the Youtube video.
Then there was almost 40% of Youtuber’s reaction.
In other words, many people are seeking words.
I think the Good button in the comment section of Youtube is not very motivated by humans.
I think it is best to communicate with videos.
But the logic is that you can’t feel joy at the ease of pressing only a button.

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