No majority

It may not be good to classify as a popular group

It was only a few years ago that I found out that belonging to the majority of classes is not good. I feel a sense of crisis in getting gathered in publicly known information and think that consciousness that belongs to the minority group is important. I would like to think about carefully depending on theoretical reliance on accurate prediction and reliable information for things.

Urgent advertisement

I am currently finding a job but I am careful. I want to reverse calculate after understanding the formation of things. I thought that I had to consider my position when thinking that I had to make a situation where the interests of both sides were satisfied. In other words, I have to endure for a while in an environment with poor conditions. There is handicap of inexperience so it can not be thought that I can make a good change in step-up change. Facilities called schools are convenient and the reason is that you have an internship system and you can gain practical experience. I have to have self-education on financial problems and I have dissatisfaction that I can not gain practical experience. I am paying attention to the letters on which job advertisements are posted, as I have no choice but to work in an adverse condition working environment. Still no specs I am a fact that the range of alternatives is short.

Things to deal with in discontent

The meaning of stacking is important and human beings are always in the process of growth, so I feel like being proud. I want to blame someone and I just want to justify but I avoid avoiding having pride as much as possible. I am asking myself that I should not change my daily diversion and become a depressed person. I do not deny to pursue profits, but I think that the desire to always grow is important

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