No need for common sense


No need for common sense

The person without cooperation is me.
There are a lot of people who are tired of group life and retire themselves and work in the countryside.
You can’t conclude by thinking about things in a small apartment.
I always take a walk every morning before working at home.
I think about various life philosophies while watching people commuting in the morning.
Certainly, if you work according to the order, you can live with a salary.
Everyone wants to give priority to a so-called stable life.

Notice of rejection

After interviewing more than 50 companies, all were rejected.
I can’t do office work.
I had the fate of having to do physical labor for the rest of my life.
But my favorite is art.
I try to convert art into work.
There is a feeling that I want to give up myself to a severe real problem.
But if you sleep overnight, you feel refreshed.
As usual, get up from the bed around 6:30 in the morning and start the computer.
I have decided to make one bet.

Green card lottery

An American permanent residence lottery is held every year.
If you can get a permanent residence in the United States called a green card, you can work and live in the United States.
I want to challenge in the US if I can win an American green card by the age of 40.
There is only a disappointment to continue living in the countryside of Gunma Prefecture in Japan.
I’m not denying Gunma Prefecture, but I’m pessimistic about living by giving up what I want to do.
Vagrant and retired people are relaxed in the rural shopping mall.
There is no chance in the countryside.
However, I feel stressed about doing monotonous work for more than 10 hours a day.

Abandoned common sense

There are no young people in the city on weekdays.
There are really only elderly people in Japan.
Common sense is social brainwashing equipment.
If you live with common sense, you cannot seek dreams and goals.
I think it’s okay if you believe in life experience and God.

Skills you can’t learn in a few weeks

In order to avoid work that you do not want to do, you need to acquire advanced skills.
You should forget the skills anyone can do.
You should consider the skills that you can learn in years of practice and practice.
You should work and study lonely w

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