No performers


I do not recommend performers

I am not optimistic about the performer’s position. It is very easy to be just a performer. You just have to move as taught. Of course, there are performers who are thinking and planning. I myself do not deny performers. Simply performing a performance is the same as working with a company employee.

Music industry example

It’s true that professional musicians who don’t give a specific name, but have no real ability, are highly regarded. Since I have written many articles about the existence of the mass, I will refrain from talking about it here. However, it is a fact that counterfeiters are making a lot of money and conducting economic activities.
I recently listened to the music of a big rock musician after a long time. The musician is talented, talented and a true artist. In fact, it is true that real musicians are highly regarded by the public. As an artist who really works as an artist, I hope that more people will see the real thing.
It is defined as being classified into three musicians: artists, musicians, and performers.
The best people are artists. Music artists who can write and arrange songs and produce themselves are the best. In other words, an artist is a person who can create music from scratch.
Musicians can write and arrange lyrics, but I think they are basically back musicians for other artists. In other words, I think this is where I stand before becoming an artist. Musicians may be difficult to sell under their own titles.
I think performers are not in a position to write lyrics well. Performers perform on the stage following the advice and requests of artists and musicians.

Division of labor

This is what we call division of labor. But I think it’s cool to be able to do all the work. Certainly, it is very difficult to operate as an artist. Humans can develop themselves, but they can never generate talent. So there are many people who are patient and reluctant.
But I think performers should definitely aim to be artists.

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