No reaction 

No reaction

Nothing is as great as a love call from an opponent.
And we should send a love call to someone.
I want to recommend that you should be active rather than passive.
However, my role as an active voice only hurts.
He does not receive love calls from his opponent and lives lonely every day.
I am angry with the fate of my father and God.
More than 90% of people in the world die without success.
If you are satisfied with your daily life, you can live your life easily.
But I can’t resonate with the way of life like the general public.
And I cannot accept my fate and be convinced.
This may be my only trouble.

Different meanings

I think I am a different person.
If you object yourself, you become pessimistic and lose confidence.
I want to keep myself subjective, but I can make a proper judgment by being objective.
Why do I keep being different?
That’s a very simple answer.
After all, I have a fate that I can’t succeed, so it’s no use trying anything.
I decided to live a different way in this one life.
So I give up on success.
And I want to keep going against my fate until I die.
I feel emptiness in living my attitude and fate for success.

Interpretation of no response

I sent a love call to my opponent.
However, most people do not reply.
I think they interpret my own face, personality and attitude as sly.
It’s a sad reality for me, and I lose my vitality.
He had once been desperate and committed immoral behavior.
Still, morning comes and night comes and time passes.
What should I do?
I myself have had experience responding without response.
You interpret that person as yourself.

Intention to keep waiting even if you are away

I feel that I have a void in my heart.
And I’ve made videos that keep hitting the door to success.
It’s nice to keep expecting that the door of success will open someday.
Eventually, the success door may die without opening.
Nevertheless, if you die in your own way of life, it is your desire.
I think it should be continued without any progress this week.
The news of successful people is often featured daily in the mass media.
I cannot understand the feelings of the masses who praise the happiness of others.
In my case, I feel regret and envy about the winner.
But look at the movements and attitudes of the people who have earned the honor and the big money.
Humans are hiding their unhappy part.
Watch out for social traps that have surfaced in praise of only good things.

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