No refrigerator required


No refrigerator required

It was two years ago that the refrigerator was discarded as waste.
Discarding the refrigerator and microwave oven eliminated the opportunity to buy ice cream.
Disposal of refrigerators is a way to avoid eating food that cools your body.
Vegetables and meat are placed on the kitchen table.
In the summer months, a hard life will be waiting.
The laundry is hard to dry in winter.
I realize that there are advantages and disadvantages in various seasons.

Meaning of being a primitive person

He wants to be a primitive man by eliminating the things that mankind has developed.
The Internet can easily satisfy human desires.
But the convenience makes humans vulnerable.
I know that walking in a quiet park is wonderful.
You need to have a warm blanket.
Australian forest fires underscore the severity of global environmental issues.
The countdown of human destruction has begun.

No home appliances required

I am angry with companies and nations that manufacture electronic devices.
Even if you make a lot and make money, you can’t enrich your life.
Nevertheless, corporate advertisements such as city advertisements will not be lost.
We know that the runaway of human desire will not stop.
Economic politics is outdated, but there are stupid politicians, races and nations.

Overseas travel plays a role in global warming

People are wearing false masks.
They assert that fun is right and sad and angry are bad.
There are people who continue to buy products without thinking anything about the people who sell products.
Aircraft burns large amounts of exhaust fuel to take off.
There are people in the aircraft who drink, eat and enjoy.
Is only me able to see the devil?
A human who knows the truth and follows a habit is a copied robot of society.

Let’s sell resources at waste disposal sites

It is recommended that you get something that will be a resource.
Things like iron, stainless steel and aluminum are reused.
You can turn garbage around you into money.

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