No wasting


No wasting for healthy

unnecessarily actions

  • chat in train
  • drinking alcohol except wine
  • meet old friends
  • shibuya’s halloween
  • study abroad to America
  • joint with mainstream

Wasting means consume

Minimum food’s cost

What I prioritize is default time to make creation. It’s food’s cost first. My current life-style is almost look like professional boxer who is prepare for title match. What to let stomach be empty is goodness for whole body’s condition I think so.

Sense of balance


I feel like northern europe nations are very ecological placement and no wasting everything. About education and work system is important to grow up to social person. And then I am very interesting about swedish, and greta. Recently I heard that swedish people aren’t intend to use airplane to abroad over sea. Wow, I am impressed their direction of life-style. I would recommend people to learn northern europe nation’s appearance.

Say goodbye waste time!!!!