No white nation

No white nation

Before I didn’t have the concept of black Europeans.
But my perception now has completely changed.
I can’t see a blonde white man.
Most whites have brown or black hair.
I think blondes and whites are no longer rare.
After all, this is the result of a mixed race of colored people who are longing for a blonde white man.
Only a couple of male and female Caucasian can produce a blond Caucasian.
I am a yellow race Asian.
A yellow race like me has a very thin facial skeleton.
Asian faces are characterized by a flat and large head.
Do you know the keyword AMWF?
Abbreviation for Asian Male White Female.
When you look at their children, you can clearly recognize them as Asians.
Of course, he is an Asian kid with blond hair and not blue eyes.
I personally don’t find the AMWF kid attractive in appearance.
On the other hand, white males and Asian female children are more attractive.
Anyway, we human beings cannot create the characteristic of white people.

Colored races and whites

Should I be called White European?
White people are European.
What do whites feel about the migrants of color in Europe?
I expect most answers to be welcome.
However, I’m pessimistic about such a race of people entering Europe.
Why don’t colored races try to increase their domestic demand?
For example, South Korea.
The basic stance of South Korea is to expand abroad.
Koreans have a national character that makes them happy to prosper their culture.
Japanese people have the same tendency.
Korea has extremely low domestic demand.
It’s obvious if you look at Korean sports events.
See the scene of a match played in a stadium with no audience on Korean news.
Africa and India still cannot see the state of economic development.
After all, the attitude of going to a place where white people rule is not good.
Actually I used to be like that.

Should bloom in your own country

Certainly Europe has a cool climate and the beauty of the city.
But I think we should judge things according to our fate.
I think we should rethink interracial after the incident of black man George.
You can learn from America that there are obstacles and disadvantages in the global society.
I feel a sense of crisis for the survival of white people in the presence of many colored races in Northern Europe.
I still want the white race to survive.
And colored people should stop relying on whites.
I’m sure colored people have a white complex.
Black people should set up a global company or work on environmental projects.
So Black Europeans and Black Americans should not work in white territories.
Japan and South Korea are also American pets.
Japan and South Korea are taking on the bad work of the United States.
I am doing simple labor in a factory.
There are Japanese and Koreans who are destroying their freedom by feeding on the prosperity of their own culture.

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